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You’ve got questions.

We’ve got answers.

How do we start a project?

That’s easy! Simply visit the Let’s Make Something page and answer a few questions. We will review this and get back to you with how we can proceed and an approximate budget for your project.

Do I need a script?

Heck no! What you will need is a general idea about what you want to make and where you plan on displaying your video. That way we can have an idea about the application and give you some best practice guidance before we start.

What about artwork?

Artwork, video and music have become a commodity business. Clickonit has an extensive library with millions of images, artwork, video and music we can work with to accommodate your goals. We can also generate custom art or have video shot upon request.

How long does it take?

Typically, we can generate a final animation/video within a couple of weeks once we start formal work on your production.

How do I review my project?

Check out our killer online review system here. It gives you the freedom to review and comment from any device.

How much does it cost?

Cost can be fairly a broad range but we feel we always offer value whether  your project costs $500 or $5,000. We can also offer discounts based on large quantity projects and variations.

Do I really have to invite you to my holiday party?